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Study it slowly and meticulously, and you will eventually be sought out for advice from others. Earn respect by expanding your education and experience, and by becoming an actual expert in your field, rather than just talking like one a very Taurean habit. The Lovers is a card that represents the challenges of choosing a partner, but for Gemini, it represents the personal challenge of having to make a definitive choice.

One path or the other, and not both, as Gemini would want. This card advises Geminis to carefully consider their long-term interests before making a decision. Be willing to make compromises and you'll have an easier time sticking to the commitments you finally make. Cancers have an incredible drive for security, and this card is a reminder to steer themselves steadily through the changes that come and go in their life before they finally settle down. You may have to call many places home before you finally find your true home, and that's OK.

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Like the chariot, roll with it! This card seems self-explanatory, but it's far more nuanced than it seems. Part of your purpose in this life is to inspire bravery in others, but first you need to differentiate between your ego and your intuitive self. The Hermit is a representation of how exhausting the outer world can become for Virgos, who are far more sensitive than even they are aware of. You may be depending upon clarification from others when you could find the wisdom you're seeking from yourself. The Justice card not only represents the Libra desire for equality and fairness, it teaches them how to deal with it in a world that's not fair.

This card shows a woman with a scale, weighing her desires against her needs, feeling stuck. Life can be exhausting for the sensitive Virgo. The need for retreat and solitude is reflected in the Hermit. Taking time for yourself can help you find peace and wisdom. A Libra often holds rigid ideas of right and wrong. Justice says that to attain balance, people must sometimes accept that things will never be perfect. Death represents transformation and moving forward in life, something with which Scorpios are keenly familiar. The morally complicated Sagittarius is of course matched with Temperance, the card of moderation.

Dealing with your flaws earnestly will make it much easier to overcome them. Capricorns are often self-conscious. And one of those lessons is that it is our divine right to enjoy life. We can enjoy the delicious foods, the fabulous vacations, the beautiful clothes. Do you believe that the finest things in life are reserved only for the 1 percent?

Do you glorify, or vilify, people with money? Understand that a person with more money does not make them better or worse. Likewise, you do not need money to feel worthy or deserving. With effort, you can shift your mindset and feel that way now. Dear Cancer , this Gemini season, allow yourself to rebuild, to pick yourself up after disappointments, to learn from the past and to keep on going. The 5 of Cups depicts cups that have spilled, they are now empty and there is a sense of loss.

However, not all have tipped over, there some still standing, still full. Even in despair, there is hope. The 8 of Pentacles is about diligence, hard work, and perseverance.


The Justice Tarot Card

No matter how high the mountain, or how far the distance, take it one step at a time, and believe in your own capabilities. No one gains wisdom or character by living an easy, trouble-free life. We are forged by fire and tribulation. Use the knowledge gained to heal yourself, to form a stronger foundation, and to work toward what truly matters to you. Dear Leo , this Gemini season allow yourself to wear your heart on your sleeve, to radiate hope, positivity, and divine love.

The Knight of Cups is the poet, the artist, the romantic. He is the optimist. He is the love song that makes you smile, the piece of art that moves you to tears, the butterflies in your stomach. The Star is the connection to the divine, to Spirit.

Your Weekly Tarot Card Reading, Based on Your Sign

She is the light that guides you when you are lost. Let love be your north star.


Show love in your own way. To your partner, to your friends, to your family, to a stranger, to yourself. Show them that there is still magic in the world. Show them that when in doubt, love is the answer. Love holds us together and love fills our souls. When we feel love, we feel alive.

When we feel connected, we feel strong. Gestures, whether subtle or grand, will raise the frequency of the collective.

Tarot and astrology in the minor arcana

Dear Virgo , this Gemini season allow yourself to be honest with others, and others to be honest with you, even when the truths are hard to swallow. The 3 of Pentacles is the card of teamwork and cooperation. A group of people, working toward the same goal, everyone having their own responsibility.

The Moon speaks to the hidden, the subconscious, the unspoken. It often invites us to spend time with our shadows, the parts that we hide from others, and the aspects of ourselves that are asking to be healed. When working with others, know that everyone will have their issues.

Dear Libra , this Gemini season refocus your intention, and before you take another step, ask yourself where you are going and why.

Meaning in Past, Present and Future Positions

The 8 of Cups shows a figure walking away from what was known. There is a sorrow, but also an understanding that there is something more that needs to be experienced. The 6 of Cups is the card of sweetness, generosity, reciprocal love.

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  8. It shows a child giving flowers to another child, giving for the sake of giving, not expecting anything in return. On your journey, what is moving you? Look to how you can make the world a better place, if not the world, then your friend, your family, your community. Look to how you can spread love, how you can give to others, how you can uplift others.

    This Tarot card can help you say yes to life. Dear Scorpio , this Gemini season create your own magic, forge your own path, and make your own wishes come true. The King of Wands is the passionate leader. He infuses you with energy, and drive. He is confident, inspiring, and courageous.

    He does not follow a path already taken, he creates his own, not out of pride, but because he knows there is more to do and more to discover.