November 19 horoscope for pisces

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Life Meter Know the percentages of different aspects of your physical and mental state. Compatibility Check out how well will your wavelengths with others match.

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Horoscope Compatibility Meter Are you curious to know what the stars indicate about the bond between you and your close ones? Apr 20 - May Pisces Weekly Horoscope - In terms of your relationships, this week wil Pisces Yearly Horoscope Your true self will show admirable intelligen Choose another Sign. Pisces Traits. During the period between February 19th and March 20th, the Sun transits from Pisces. It is often observed that people born during this period are selfless, spiritual, liberal, compassionate and empathetic. Pisces-born are very sensitive, creative, intuitive and have what it takes to reach their goals.

However, they are inclined to become overemotional at times, which usually is a major obstacle in their paths. Also, they often fail to differentiate reality from fantasy — mainly because they are more often than caught up in their perfect, idealistic worlds. Moreover, if you are facing problems in your personal life, you can Ask A Personal Question which will be answered by an expert astrologer looking at the details in your Birth Chart.

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More on: Pisces Traits. Pisces is the 12th and the last Sign of the Zodiac. It is known that Pisces somehow, thus, takes ups the different attributes of all the other 11 Signs. The dreamy and romantic Sign is known for its charming creative side, which, to some, is like free flowing poetry, while to others is akin to a fresh floral blossom. Many find generous and compassionate Pisces to be selfless, while others may feel that they Pisces-born are a tad rigid or fixed. Ruled by Neptune, Pisces are seen to live in a world of their own; they tend to be detached, spiritual and quite focused on their inner journeys aimed at finding peace and harmony.


Known to effortlessly ride the waves, without causing agitation, the Pisces natives hate confrontations. They prefer to take roundabouts, instead, and would do all they can to avoid conflicts. More on: About Pisces. Pisces Nature. Modest and calm, they love to have and foster a feeling of security and cosiness around them. These natives love their cosy nests, and also make wonderful nurturers and parents.

♌️ ♎️ Snapchat Birthday Emojis — Purple Zodiac Emojis ♉️ ♒️

Caring, loving and loyal, Pisces are often a treat in love, unless they take to a negative manifestation of their personality or are, often irretrievably, jilted in love. For Fish, love is more about giving than receiving. Tolerant, respectful and forgiving, however, the Pisces, however, can be too timid in their ways, and this may make them subject to ill-treatment or taken for granted or betrayal. The Pisces also find it hard to change their set ways, and are found to be pretty lazy and passive.

More on: Pisces Nature. Pisces Men. Nonetheless, their powerful 6th-sense often come to their rescue that facilitate them to decide. The Pisces man rely on their gut feeling to know how the people actually are, rather than their outward appearances. More on: Pisces Men. Pisces Women. The Pisces women are mysterious and sensual individuals. They are also romantic and spiritual in nature. They are deeply emotional.

Their dreams are vivid and have a deep meaning which is not easy for a person to understand. Some of their qualities are outlined below so that it can help you to understand them better. The women of this Sign, which signifies the subconscious mind, are mysterious, creative, and need to channelise their creativity in positive ways. They have a deep insight into human nature and the world around them, and thus they trust their intuition more than what they see and hear. They have a bent for the performing arts, writing or any other creative pursuits. Their work is an extension of their personalities, throwing light on what they are on the inside and what emotions they may be going through at any particular point of time.

Further, do you think you are in the right profession? More on: Pisces Woman. Pisces Career. Spiritual matters and occult science grip them to a great extent, and they love to immerse themselves into these subjects. In order to express their emotions, the Pisces let their creative juices flow on.

Thus, these sensitive souls can reach fantastic heights, if they opt to make a career in performing arts. Besides, considering how compassionate and charitable they are, Ganesha feels that the Pisces can do well in the medical field. Physics is another field they can be successful in. Nevertheless, their stubborn independent streak seldom allows them to be dependent on others. When they get distracted due to typical boring routine, they look for inspiration so that they can get their focus back to deliver their best. More on: Pisces Career. Pisces Romance.

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The Pisces are mostly gentle and calm people and humble to the point of impracticality. Big passion arrives in your romantic relationships. The moon in Aries lights up a very private sector of your chart today, Virgo, and with Mercury retrograde, you are in a sensitive mood.

Big shifts are taking place in your relationships! Stay flexible! What's in the stars for you in November? Read your monthly horoscope here.


Want these horoscopes sent straight to your inbox? Click here to sign up for the newsletter. Astro Guide. Nov 18 , pm. Manifestation of such powerful energies never finds its foundation in simple life, and their personality could lead them into troubles with superiors, with the system, and all sorts of financial issues until they find their calling. For as long as they are confused, they will feel lost and act strange, unable to find their place on Earth and think of the next step they are supposed to make.

As they build status and a name for themselves, it is always possible that they constantly risk losing it. Only the truth and their actual talents have the potential to set them free from loss and allow them to create the world they wish to live in. The combination of all numbers in the numeral row of those born on June 19th comes down to number 7, the essence of Uranus. This is a point in the Universe where ideas can be caught and brought to one's mind, giving an accent on the unusual Self they are to discover.

Individualistic and brave, these Gemini representatives are to set free in the most profound and deep way, learning that they are messengers of the gods, here to liberate all those who seek liberation. Connecting to the higher mind, the stress turns into excitement and they become innovators and creators of the modern society, raising awareness of everyone around them. There is always something blurry in the perception of Self in lives of those born on June 19th. While their talents are a gift, they are also often too grand to be understood early in life or believed in.

November 19 Zodiac Sign

This will lead them down the road of self-discovery through relationships with people who tend to inspire, but also betray them, until they learn who they are. To find a stable center within, they will often choose partners who either take the role of a dominant leader, or those they need to lead out of depression, dependency, or any form of abuse. Idealists by nature but still turned to personal freedom, they might get lost somewhere in between, falling in love with unreachable, influential individuals, or those who are too distant to touch or truly understand.

When they learn how to believe in their gut feeling and understand their own inner character, they will find someone to fit their ideal world and follow them on their mission towards freedom. A person born on June 19th has the feel for things in their life, and usually excels in different forms of artistic expression, music, and creating fun activities for other people. While they may create incredible works of art, their sensitivity one they are usually unaware of while young gives them a talent to listen and follow the flow of desires of many people at the same time.